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K-Zone (2010) and TotalGirl (2011) Work Experience

K-Zone Work Experience (2010)


  • Researching and writing content for various sections of K-Zone such as the Calendar, WeirdNewz, PrankPatrol, Did-You-Know? and Plug-It section
  • Transcribing audio interviews
  • Conducted marketing analyses, and replying to fanmail
  • Sorting and sending prizes to competition winners
  • Assisting fellow team members, including Chloe McIntosh & Claire O’ Donnell
  • Interviewing Mel (Editor) — learnt about the editorial role and magazine process

TotalGirl Work Experience (2011)

  • Researching and writing content for various sections such as AstroGirls’ Scopes, Calendar & Easter DIY.
  • selected entries for Chatterbox, Totally Embarrassing and Creative Corner sections:
  • brainstorming interview questions for Peyton R. List and The Wannabes
  • Accompanying fellow team members to interviews
  • Transcribing audio interviews
  • Assisting Deputy Editor Grace with the food-tasting photoshoot
  • Assisting Feature Writer Liz with the Amazing Race challenges
  • Miscellaneous tasks such as sorting mail and sending mail to recipients
  • Writing online content such as celebrity profiles (Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber & Kristen Stewart) and quizzes (Cooking IQ) for TotalGirl’s website
  • Interviewing Amanda Nicholls (Editor) about TotalGirl, the editorial role & magazine process



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