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Thailand: Holiday Destination of Food, Fun & Culture

There are plenty of worthy Asian countries to visit such as Japan and Hong Kong….but who could have guessed that an Asian country such as Thailand could probably be THE ultimate tourist destination? I, Susan, shall take you on a short whirlwind trip around Thailand’s Bangkok and Pattaya…. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Whether it … Continue reading

Anime Reviews: Madoka Magica + Chihayafuru + Steins;Gate

In this first edition of back-to-back anime reviews for my blog, we’ll be reviewing Madoka Magica, Chihayafuru and Steins; Gate. Hope you find my thoughts unanimous with yours! [….SPOILERS AHEAD] – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  Puella Magi Madoka Magica (12 episodes) Genre: drama, magical girl, tragedy Wiki Summary:  In … Continue reading

Time for the real education revolution to stand up

 Australia wants to move forward in education, not backwards, and this mission needs to be done as soon as possible. Susan Ma reports. SOME would argue that going back to basics is the key to an education revolution. Others would say highly-advanced technological resources construct the 21st Century classroom. Amidst this raging political football, parents, … Continue reading

Review: Cyrus rocks her Gypsy Heart in Sydney

After stopping in Brisbane and Melbourne, it was finally Sydney’s turn to see teen pop-sensation Miley Cyrus perform live at Acer Arena (June 26-27th) as part of her Gypsy Heart tour. Selling almost 20, 000 tickets for every Aussie show, Cyrus proves that she still has a strong fanbase of die-hard fans despite recent ‘racy’ … Continue reading

Essay: Harry Potter and its digital fandom

This research paper will investigate whether or not social media has a significant impact on popular-culture and its fandom(s), specifically focussing on Harry Potter. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series is an iconic cultural phenomenon that has been spreading magic for almost a decade now. Fads are usually unexplainable and unrepeatable, but Harry Potter has proved its staying … Continue reading

Goliath: The World’s ‘Dwarfsome’ Strongman

Whether it is swallowing eighteen swords in one go, or lying on a bed of sharp forks, there is nothing that freak performers love more than making people squirm. But proving that even the smallest guys have ambitions, ‘freak’ talents, and also a big heart of gold, we sat down with Jeremy Hallam (also known … Continue reading

Just4Girlz – Magazine Covers

If it’s not obvious enough, I am passionate about kids’ magazines. They are more than just forms of ‘entertainment’ — They are artworks. If you look past the glossy cover and colourful pages, they contain news, jokes, DIY activities, advices, and toys….you can see why kids enjoy them so much. While that dream of working … Continue reading

K-Zone (2010) and TotalGirl (2011) Work Experience

K-Zone Work Experience (2010)   Researching and writing content for various sections of K-Zone such as the Calendar, WeirdNewz, PrankPatrol, Did-You-Know? and Plug-It section Transcribing audio interviews Conducted marketing analyses, and replying to fanmail Sorting and sending prizes to competition winners Assisting fellow team members, including Chloe McIntosh & Claire O’ Donnell Interviewing Mel (Editor) … Continue reading

Growing Up: Your age is just a number

Once upon a time, getting older was actually exciting. When you were seven years old, you wanted to ‘grow up’, wishing that you could one day become a doctor, fire-fighter, FBI agent, or even a superhero. At sixteen, you were able to get your Learners. At 18, not only were you at uni, studying for … Continue reading

Celebrities are NOT role-models– they’re humans too!

Raising children can be difficult. Parents are constantly questioning and complaining about the things that have a negative influence on children. This ranges from toys and video games for being too violent, TV and computers for being major distractions from their studies, and social-networking sites for encouraging procrastination. If we put all of this aside, … Continue reading

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