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Celebrities are NOT role-models– they’re humans too!

Raising children can be difficult. Parents are constantly questioning and complaining about the things that have a negative influence on children. This ranges from toys and video games for being too violent, TV and computers for being major distractions from their studies, and social-networking sites for encouraging procrastination. If we put all of this aside, … Continue reading

Opinion Article: Where FAMOUS (magazine) meets Journalism Ethics&Practices

According to its description on the Pacific Magazine’s site, FAMOUS is created with ‘today’s popular-culture obsessed, and shopping addicted, young females in mind’. FAMOUS, a weekly celebrity news magazine, is well-known for its jaw-dropping  eye-catching covers, and its dedication towards the latest in fashion, shopping, beauty, and of course, celebrity gossip. It boasts the latest gossip on Hollywood’s new stars and … Continue reading

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