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K-Zone (2010) and TotalGirl (2011) Work Experience

K-Zone Work Experience (2010)   Researching and writing content for various sections of K-Zone such as the Calendar, WeirdNewz, PrankPatrol, Did-You-Know? and Plug-It section Transcribing audio interviews Conducted marketing analyses, and replying to fanmail Sorting and sending prizes to competition winners Assisting fellow team members, including Chloe McIntosh & Claire O’ Donnell Interviewing Mel (Editor) … Continue reading

Growing Up: Your age is just a number

Once upon a time, getting older was actually exciting. When you were seven years old, you wanted to ‘grow up’, wishing that you could one day become a doctor, fire-fighter, FBI agent, or even a superhero. At sixteen, you were able to get your Learners. At 18, not only were you at uni, studying for … Continue reading

Celebrities are NOT role-models– they’re humans too!

Raising children can be difficult. Parents are constantly questioning and complaining about the things that have a negative influence on children. This ranges from toys and video games for being too violent, TV and computers for being major distractions from their studies, and social-networking sites for encouraging procrastination. If we put all of this aside, … Continue reading

Live, love, laugh, learn

 This article can also be found here –> Live, Love, Laugh, Learn  Have you ever wished that you could turn back time, relive a few certain moments of your life, or perhaps want to live like a kid again? Back when I was a child, I remember things were so much simpler. I mean, the … Continue reading

Fairfield Champion Work-Experience (Sept 2009)

Researching, writing and editing articles Assigned to search for Reader of the Week (2x) Interviewing various personae via phone and email for articles Bookings for interviews and photo sessions Accompanying fellow journalists and photographer on various interviews/errands Published: Schools link up to hear author, Cars go on show to help charity Click on images for … Continue reading

Fairfield Advance Work-Experience (Nov 2006)

Researching, writing and editing articles Interviewing various personae face-to-face and via phone Doing bookings for interviews and photo sessions Collating & organising newspaper and photo archives Assisting the Editor in editing and structuring articles into the newspaper layout Accompanying fellow journalists on various interviews Published: Craft program an opportunity to dabble, Program’s positive impact, Oh … Continue reading

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