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Time for the real education revolution to stand up

 Australia wants to move forward in education, not backwards, and this mission needs to be done as soon as possible. Susan Ma reports. SOME would argue that going back to basics is the key to an education revolution. Others would say highly-advanced technological resources construct the 21st Century classroom. Amidst this raging political football, parents, … Continue reading

Essay: Harry Potter and its digital fandom

This research paper will investigate whether or not social media has a significant impact on popular-culture and its fandom(s), specifically focussing on Harry Potter. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series is an iconic cultural phenomenon that has been spreading magic for almost a decade now. Fads are usually unexplainable and unrepeatable, but Harry Potter has proved its staying … Continue reading

Goliath: The World’s ‘Dwarfsome’ Strongman

Whether it is swallowing eighteen swords in one go, or lying on a bed of sharp forks, there is nothing that freak performers love more than making people squirm. But proving that even the smallest guys have ambitions, ‘freak’ talents, and also a big heart of gold, we sat down with Jeremy Hallam (also known … Continue reading

Cracking down the digital-revolution in Education [2010]

“Revolution!” – The Federal Government’s catchcry throughout 2007-10.  After many election promises made by both Federal and State Governments to digitally-revolutionise Education across NSW public schools, we question the integrity of these promises as to whether or not their goals have succeeded. Susan MA reports. Forget hand-me-down textbooks, dusty blackboards, outdated overheads and computers. Three … Continue reading

Taking the ‘positive body image’ talk to the catwalk [2010]

Taking the talk to the catwalk: The Australian Government will be taking real action to promote positive body image amongst young Australians, with an investment of $500,000 to support the new initiatives. The fashion and media industry has suffered numerous criticisms in the past, with controversies such as using ‘size-zero’ models on the catwalk, and … Continue reading

UNSW’s Olympic superhero snowballs to success [2010]

 This article is directed from the MDIA2003 site: [here] Collaborative Effort: Shannon Cochrane, Susan Ma, Cameron Scoines and Saniel Marriner He’s the university’s answer to Peter Parker. By day, you might find him inconspicuously sitting in an engineering class or hanging out on campus with some mates. Concealing his true identity with loads of unaffected charm, … Continue reading

In the Public Eyes: Catharine Lumby, the Misconstrued Controversialist [2010]

Never judge a book by its cover: Catharine Lumby is without a doubt not your standard mother or the archetypal feminist. In fact, her persona virtually belongs to its own category. Eminent for her feminist and controversial views on pornography, female sexualisation, and sex education; we take a look at how Media Professor Catharine Lumby is … Continue reading

When publishing changes, so does society [2009]

ARTS2090 Distribution project Q3: When publishing changes, so does society. Investigate and compare the impact of two publication technologies (one pre-1800 and one post-1962) on social-relationships. As the development of media and publishing continues to evolve rapidly over time, it also continues to unravel significant impacts such as  societal lifestyles and new forms of communication. … Continue reading

Travelling tales with passion and spiritual edge (2009)

Never mind the rich cultural diversity of arts, food, and entertainment in Melbourne and Sydney. Unlike Vietnam, they’re not enough to spark passion and real adventure for spiritual-traveller Walter Mason. Mason, 39, has been in love with Vietnam ever since his first visit in 1994. Since then, he has travelled there so many times that … Continue reading

The present & future of the kids’ magazine industry

Contemporary media practitioners in the kids’ magazine industry confront incessant challenges throughout their media practice. With today’s globalised embrace of ever-changing media and technology, critics are concerned with the industry’s future, speculating that magazines will follow the same fate as newspapers: undervalued, ill-supported, downsized, and will eventually transition to the digital medium. Magazine industry expert … Continue reading

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